Monday, November 17, 2008

Turbocharge Your Blog, but Don't Forget Your Car!

I just dashed off a note (scroll down one post) to remind everyone that my good blogosphere buddy LadyJava can turbocharge your blog with a snazzy Blog Make Over. However, as winter sets in here in the Roxiticus Valley, it's easy to snuggle up with our blogs or those other Desperate Housewives on network TV while we neglect our cars. I know my little red Celica convertible is just shivering out in the garage for the winter. One of my neighbors just souped up her ride with a Volkswagen turbocharger and now she's like the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, go granny go granny go granny go. I may wait until the Spring to supercharge my ride, but I've gotta keep up with the Britts down the street!

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