Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who's Coming to Roxy's Oscar Party?

I often joke that the last movie Rex and I saw in the theatre was "Save the Last Dance" (Julia Stiles) in January 2001, two days before London was born. I had read in one of those parenting magazines that going to the movies was something to do when in labor, so I thought of it as a form of inducing labor... it actually worked! Nowadays, we don't even use our big screen HDTV to watch many DVDs beyond the Disney movies our kids like. If we've decided to leave the girls home with a babysitter, Rex and I would much rather head out to dinner with friends at one of the great local restaurants in the Bernardsville area and/or see a concert or event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) or the Mayo Center (aka Morristown Community Theatre). That said, I still think it would be fun to host an Oscar party, either Live from the Roxiticus Valley, New Jersey, or right here with you in the blogosphere. So let's have your nominations... best movie, best actor, best actress. Then I'll put up some decorations around the house and the blog, and we'll all slip into our glamorous gowns and stylin' tuxedoes to party all night. After the Oscars, we can vote on best and worst dressed and best and worst acceptance speeches.

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