Monday, January 5, 2009

The Butter Bites Rock Out the New Year!

Over on my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives site, I know I've told my loyal readers all about London and Maddie's basement band (it's too cold for a garage band during the winter here in the Roxiticus Valley, New Jersey)... the Butter Bites. Last year Santa brought the girls a really nice keyboard, and this year he delivered a brand new shiny red drum set. CRP Music over in Rockaway, NJ, fixed London's guitar for the right price, and we've got the iPod and a microphone hooked up to a serious amp for vocals. The girls have been practicing their own original songs while I work out on the elliptical trainer in our basement gym, rocking out the New Year 2009 and preparing for their debut performance at our sixth annual Roxiticus Sunset Party in June.

Now all the girls need are some hip, cool t shirts for the band, like the one in the photo on the left. I wish "Rocking Out" was available in the Butter Bites' choice of pink or purple...London and Maddie are not so keen on grey or even green t-shirts, and I'll be happy if they make it to their teen years without discovering Goth. It would be lots of fun to outfit all twelve girl band members in matching fresh t shirts, or to find a few different ones with guitars, some with drums or drum sticks, maybe a keyboard or two, and of course a bass for Jason Buckley and his new Bass Nation blog.

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