Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roxy's Back-to-School Fitness Program Update

Since London and Maddie went back to school in early September, I decided I need to get back in shape with a back-to-school workout program that I've been posting about over on my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog. I knew that if I didn't get on the elliptical trainer at least three days a week, I'd be signing up for lapband houston surgery to be able to fit into my jeans. Well, I'm now about 6 weeks into the program, and down about 10 pounds from 160 to plus or minus 150, but for all the wrong reasons. I've had little to no appetite from stressing out about the stock market, and haven't worked out for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck...I'm hoping to get back on my workout program this week.

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Mariuca said...

Dropping off MPG here today Roxy. I couldn't load ur RBO, despite several tries! :(