Thursday, October 23, 2008

EntreCard Saturdays

I have to admit to being a bit behind on updating my Roxiticus Best Blogs site. When I first started out in the blogosphere, my only real source for finding Other People's Blogs ("OPB") was BlogExplosion, particularly the Battle of the Blogs. Since I joined EntreCard, I must have found over a hundred high quality blogs to read. I hate to make excuses, but it takes so much time to read through the posts, I hardly have time to write up the nice review that each blog deserves.

That said, I've seen "EntreCard Saturdays" in which other bloggers post about the faves they've discovered through EntreCard dropping, and I'm going to try to participate more regularly using my Roxiticus Best Blogs and Roxy's Best Of... Blogs sites. But hey, just like a diet, please don't set your expectations too high!


P.S. -- Oh, and if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when I say EntreCard, how do you keep your laptop charged up in the cave you must be living in? Seriously, just click on the little yellow "Get One" under the Blog of the Day in my sidebar.

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