Wednesday, October 15, 2008

London and Maddie's Bad Luck with Pets

As my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers know, Rex, London, Maddie and I just returned from a long weekend vacation in Duck, North Carolina. You may also remember that London is allergic to most furry pets... I am deathly allergic to cats, but so far London seems to be allergic to horses and dogs as well. So when London and Maddie both won small aquariums in a school contest, we decided to try fish as a pet for each of them. Both girls picked out a betta fish (the Japanese fighting fish)...Maddie chose a blue one and London's was red and white. Unfortunately, we just don't have good luck with pets... Maddie's betta required a "burial at sea" before we left on vacation, and we found London's little guy belly up on the bottom of her tank when we returned home on Monday night.

I do know that my good blogosphere buddies like Mariuca and LadyJava (you'll find their blogs noted here at Roxiticus Best Blogs) believe that "Happiness is Pets" and our family will persevere in finding the perfect pet for us. Maddie keeps bringing home books about pets (rabbits, dogs, and fish, to name a few) from the school library, and I've been trying out the options on our loyal readers. If only London outgrows her allergies, at least becomes tolerant of "less allergenic" dogs like cock-a-poos, we would all be excited to have a cuddly puppy in our home.


LadyJava said...

I know of some kids who outgrow their allergies to pets but there are also that have it lifelong Roxy.. I hope in your case.. it's just a kid thingy... both GP and I love our furry kids.. and without life.. life would someone seems incomplete ;)

Anonymous said...

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