Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey...Nice Blog! Captured By Gravity

"We're all captured by gravity on a planet we must share. Unless you're an astronaut. Or an angel. Or an alien. Or a celebrity with a really good dealer... but I digress...."

When I was in college, my friend Heather liked to say, "There's a little bit of lesbian in each and every one of us." I didn't agree, claiming that I am a gay man in a woman's body. I'm afraid my friend Lynette thinks I was making a veiled reference to that would be both inaccurate and too much information. I just find that gay men appreciate the same qualities I appreciate in men. As proof positive, for the gay man in all of us, there's Captured by Gravity, with new eye candy posts at least one a week.

Captured by Gravity eye candy headlines include:
  • "Hey...Nice Laptop!"
  • "Hey...Nice Lawn!"
  • "Hey...Nice Rock!"
  • "I Spy...A Pencil Sharpener!"
  • "Hey...Nice Phone Book!"
  • "Hey...Nice Sandbox!"

The best part is, Mo, the owner of Captured by Gravity, gets paid for advertising links to all the key words!

We are captured!


Mo said...

Oh, thank you for embracing your inner gay man and giving Captured By Gravity a shout out!

Hey... Nice post!

Linda said...

I gotta tell you, the "Hey! Nice Post" post that Mo did for you is probably about the best one he's done so far, in my own "Inner Gay Man" opinion! I'm not normally susceptible to drooling at pictures but I believe I definitely made the exception in this case.

I need a bucket ...

Mariuca said...

Good morning Roxy! How is everything with you? Just dropping off my EC here, I am so loving it btw! Glad u mentioned it to me yeeha! ;)

Marmelade said...

nice picture!