Friday, April 11, 2008

Bestest Pal's Blog: Ignore Liberal Politics

My Bestest Pal, who blogs at A Penny's Worth, started blogging before it was the trendy thing to do. As of this writing, he hasn't sold out like the rest of us. You'll find well-written posts on music, pop culture, and politics, and not a single paid post.

His "About Us" section reads as follows:
A penny for your thoughts indeed. Around here that would be a raise. What makes a good blog? I think thematic consistency, a little exhibitionism, and honest writing. I can promise you the last one. Most of my posts seem to be about music or politics. Some of them are funny. But all of them would love to hear a comment from you. Oh-- and please welcome God to the APW team. We're thrilled and humbled to serve as His earthly vessel.

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Mariuca said...

How cool to have your bestest friend blogging along with you, have a great day Roxy! :)