Monday, March 2, 2009

Music Monday: In and Out of Love by Bon Jovi

Care to join me for a little head banging on this snowy Music Monday? The inspiration for this pick comes from the evil Google overlords, who keep changing the page rank of this blog from 2 to zero and back again. I haven't really lost any sleep over page rank, since I've never had any at my high traffic blogs and PayPerPost has been wasting my time for the past two months by offering 50 cent opportunities... I'd be better off watching for lost pennies on the streets of Manhattan on my walk to the office. Right now Roxiticus Best Blogs is "Out of Love" with Mr. G. So I've turned to Jersey Boy Jon Bon Jovi, who can always make a girl feel better, even if his hair in this video is bigger than mine ever was, even in the 80s...

Young and wired
Set to explode in the heat
You won't tire
Cause baby was born with the beat
Take you higher than you've ever known
Then drive you down to your knees
I'll pick you up when you've had enough
You been burned baby lessons learned

In and out of love
Hear what I'm sayin
In and out of love
It's the way that we're playing
In and out of love
Too much is never enough
She's gonna get ya

Running wild
When me and my boys hit the streets
Right on time
She's here to make my night complete
Then I'm long gone I got another show
One more town, one mile to go
One endless night of fantasy
Is all she left of her with me

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coltfan said...

great choice for music monday.

Shinade said...

You are rocking into the week too!! Great pick I love Bon Jovi!!:-)

twinks said...

yay! I love Bon Jovi. I went crazy about him when I was in high school. Mom got mad at me coz my room was full of posters of him.. hahahaha...
Can't deny that he is a hunk! woot!

Laura-Whateverebay said...

Anything Bon Jovi! and I am there! I would not do the hair again, or the clothes but would rock out all over again :)

Nessa said...

I love Bon Jovi! What a great rockin' start to the week!

Lisa C. said...

Rockin' Choice... lol