Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EntreCard, BlogExplosion, Great Content -- What Are Your Best Traffic Drivers?

As my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and Roxiticus Best Blogs readers know, Rex and I joined another mergers and acquisitions firm at the beginning of February. One month in, I can report that we're quite energized by our new affiliation. Things are going well, but the move has meant big changes for our whole family... at work, on our commute, for London and Maddie (waking up early for "before care" at the elementary school), and for my blogging routines. Since my time for blogging and visiting Other People's Blogs is now limited, it has become that much more important for me to be as productive as possible in the blogosphere.

I still take advantage of BlogExplosion (particularly the Blog Rocket and Battle of the Blogs) and EntreCard to drive traffic to my sites and to find terrific new blogs to read, but since I'm posting less frequently I've also been trying harder to create better content to grab and holodomor readers who visit through those same services or find my blogs through search engines. What do you find are the best sites and techniques to bring visitors to your blogs and keep them coming back for more? Are there any BlogExplosion or EntreCard equivalents that I have not yet heard about that will be the next great thing? And when is BlogExplosion going to re-approve Mariuca's awesome blog so she can get back in the Battle?

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kruel74 said...

For me blogexplosion and entrecard are the two best aggregator other than some local aggregators in malaysia. Great content still important though...