Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mariuca: Wishing On A Falling Star

Mariuca, a blogger who has befriended me through BlogExplosion, is the friendliest and most popular blogger in the blogosphere. Technorati shows 1,001 links to Mariuca, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Mariuca's blog, Wishing On A Falling Star, revolves around the ups and downs of her life as a freelance copywriter working from home. She has three adorable cats and loves collecting perfumes & daydreaming! Mariuca writes about anything under the sun. From hobbies and food to love and life, Mariuca has it all.

I have some really good news for Mariuca on the value of her blog (of course, the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives think Mariuca is priceless):

My blog is worth $644,140.14.
How much is your blog worth?


Mariuca said...

Hola Roxy!!! How sweet of u to have me here at your blog, thanks so much! And congrats on your new baby, oh no...will that mean even less sleeping hours for u now? LOL...

Anyway, I am going to add your new blog to my list, welcome to Mariuca's blogroll woo hoo!! :):):)

LadyJava said...

Wohooo GP or aka.. Mariuca is the friendliest and most popular blogger in the blogosphere..she's my midnight buddy.. keeping me company while I do my post and my blog-hopping. I love ya.. GP..and thanks to Roxy for writing this review of you :)

Wow your blog is worth so much?? I wonder how much mine is worth..hehe..

Have a great day Roxy and GP!

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I'm here via Entrecard & already am becoming a regular reader. I'm a Baby Boomer Blogging Gram, trying to find my way in the blogger's universe! Still trying to find out what direction to take my blog many great ideas out here, and now I'd rather stay up late at night & read a great blog than a newspaper! Thanks for all your blogs!