Friday, May 2, 2008

Lady Java: The Blogger Who Never Sleeps

Lady Java, another terrific BlogExplosion discovery, is one of the friendliest and most prolific (or blogalific, if you will) bloggers in the blogosphere. Her secret to getting everything done is that she nevah evah sleeps...she just pours herself cup after cup of that hot java and delivers her Midnight Magic (and cheerful comments) around the blogosphere. Lady Java's Lounge is where you'll find LJ's ramblings on daily living, home, family, health, love, beauty, shopping and product reviews.

Lady Java's Life Pages are where LJ feels free to let go and be herself. It's a blog revolving around her life, daily activities, special events, love and relationships. Enjoy!

LJ also has a blog about her six furry kitties, but I am so highly allergic to cats that I'd be sneezing while I blogged if I posted a picture, so....just a link to Cat Tales.


LadyJava said...

I love it Roxy!!

Thank you for your kind words... and yes.. lots of java juice though I can even sleep after a cuppa. You know when I'm awake.. I'm really awake..although when I'm sleeping, it's really difficult to wake me up..lolzz.. I can't count the many times I press the snooze button.. drive my husband insane..heheh..

Thanks again for your writeup.. much appreciated.. and don't forget there's always some kleenex handy by the door to Cat Tales, especially for you on your RHD rounds :)

Mariuca said...

LOL!! I love da title! :)

And the bit abt u not being able to post the kitty pic cause of ur allergies, cute!

Very nice write-up on LJ and spot on too. LJ is also featured blog over at SS today.. I bet she is walking on air! :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Success! I got to drop on the widget! Bizarro! When you get a chance, tell ladyjava that every time I try to vote for her on BotB or drop on her on EntreCard, her page fails to load....I don't know what's up...most likley crazy blogger stuff, but blogger IS free.


Cindi-Moomettesgram said...

I agree! So happy I found Ladyjava's Red Hot Drops ~ now tuned in to so many new blogs I perhaps never would have come across! Kudos to you!
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